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“Oculus Prim” Medical Center proposes a change of attitude by combining design, creativity, functionality and good taste.

- Computerized prescription of glasses;                                                    

- Choosing day contact lenses  with the modern LENS FITTING program using computerized topography, an investigation absolutely necessary for a correct adjustment;                    

- Lenses (monofocal, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses), organic (plastic) and mineral (glass) materials;

- Treatments: antireflection, anti-UV, computer filter/artificial lighting, polarizing, photochromatic; 

- Cosmetic contact lenses and also with dioptres, solutions for their maintenance;

- Glasses frames from all collections and launched brands.                                                        

At the Medical Center you can get Multifunctional Solutions for contact lenses and the “artificial tear” ophthalmic drops.

Multifunctional Solution for contact lenses:

- To be used for rinsing after cleaning    

- To be used as a disinfectant after cleaning and rinsing

- For wearing soft lenses during and after disinfection

- It can be used for rinsing before applying the contact lenses

- Hyaluronic acid offers natural lubricant moisture

- Deep cleansing                                          

- Efficient disinfectant

- The viscosity of the solution offers hydration and lubrication to the contact lenses

- Establishes and maintains the tear film

- Provides comfort during wear.


 Queens I-fresh yal Drops (artificial tear)                                             

Solution for all types of contact lenses refreshes and gives a feeling of immediate and long-lasting relief.

The drops restore hydration to soft contact lenses and moisture to the rigid permeable ones. Hyaluronic acid has high viscoelastic properties that improve lubrication and biocompatibility of the cornea. The drops are indicated for dry or tired eyes.



At the Medical Center you can buy Multifunctional Medical Solutions for your contact lenses and artificial tear eye drops

Queens I-yal fresh drops (artificial tears)



A solution for all types of contact lenses, that refreshes and gives a sense of immediate and long-term relief. The drops restore the hydration of soft contact lenses and moisten the rigid permeable lenses. Hyaluronic acid has high viscoelastic properties that improve lubrication and corneal biocompatibility. The drops are suitable for dry or tired eyes or when you feel the presence of a foreign body.