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Secondary cataract:

Laser treatment of secondary cataract
Secondary cataract symptoms are: gradual worsening of vision, mist over eyes, eye flashing because of sun glare or other light sources. One of the main factors in the occurrence of secondary cataract is the natural ocular pathology. Not long ago, if a secondary cataract was occurring, doctors were resorting to surgery, but now, specialists prefer laser treatment. This method, less traumatic and more effective, makes a hole in the lens capsule (not less than 3 mm) by using laser capsulotomy.

In the YAG laser treatment, the hazy posterior capsule is removed from the visual axis, which allows visual recovery. The procedure is performed without hospitalization, using locally applied anaesthetic drops, so it runs absolutely painless.

Experienced specialists from “Oculus Prim” Department of Surgery will determine the optimal methods for performing this procedure, depending on the type of disorder of the posterior lens capsule, the presence of semi-acquired cataracts and pupillary membrane.

There are no fears/risks associated with such treatment, because modern high precision equipment allows the achievement of a great result and this kind of therapy is gaining popularity.