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Prestij Optik

PrestijOptik produces licensed brands Infiniti, Miss Claire, ANNABELLA and SWING. The uniqueness of the SWING collection is primarily in the use of the TR-90 material. Today it is the most natural material used in the manufacture of medical frames, it is used in transplantation, which means it is maximally compatible with the human body. Today SWING is exported to 47 countries. In Turkey, the SWING brand has become popular and has gained great success in a very short time. Manufacturers are confident in the quality of the products as the technical requirements of the products are very high. PrestijOptik presents its products at the largest exhibitions in the world, which are held in Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, Munich, New York


For over 110 years “OCULUS” company is the official partner of medical centers in the field of ophthalmology all over the world. The group provides support in the most complex issues faced by specialists and develops high-quality complex technologies. Our patients' expectations are at the center of the company's activity and to meet these expectations, individual development projects are developed. “Oculus Prim” Medical Center is the official distributor of the German company “OCULUS” in the Republic of Moldova.


BROKMED company is intended for doctors, individual medical offices, clinics and hospitals, the purchase of medical equipment, medical devices, ambulatory equipment, medical furniture, consumables, medical equipment service. All equipment is CE marked, is registered in the database of the Ministry of Health and complies with Romanian and European legislation.


Лаборатории Synevo /IMD являются частью международной группы Medicover, которая является одним из ведущих частных медицинских учереждений Центральной и Юго-восточной Европы.Synevo ежегодно выполняет более 40 миллионов медицинских лабораторных исследованй внаходящихся в Румынии ,Польше,Украине,Беларуси ,Турции и Германии.


PESCHKE Trade has come a long way since its inception in Switzerland, in the vision of Rudolf Peschke. PESCHKE Trade's passion is to help patients with corneal disease by providing the best equipment. The company collaborates with the best confident and professional leaders from all over the medical world. It offers technologies and services that shape a new era of patient care. Serving customers in over 110 countries around the world, Peschke Trade is pleased to be part of the most innovative reticular specialization wing in the ophthalmic market.


Since 1975, Soleko has been a leader in the production of contact lenses and care solutions. The company was founded in 1975 in Pontecorvo, thanks to the professional experience of two associate founders Kawamukai Motokage and Giuseppe Carnacina. The company's mission is to provide high quality products to meet the needs of its customers and patients. We are extremely proud to represent the best producer in Italy, the best quality and technology in the world. certifications ISO 9001 is the most rigorous recognition of a company's quality and EN 46001 which refers to the specific legislation in the production of medical devices. In 2003 the two certifications were replaced with ISO 13485 where the company was successful. The certification allows SOLEKO to put the CE mark on its products. SOLEKO chose TÜV Monaco for all its certifications. This service provider was in 1996, in Europe, the most trained in testing medical devices recognized for specific expertise.

Clinica Sante

European quality of laboratory investigations and the professionalism of consulting doctors are highly appreciated on the territory of the Republic of Moldova as well as abroad.


SkyOptix® Laboratory is a world-leading manufacturer of specialized medical contact lenses. The lenses are manufactured under licenses from global giants such as KATT Design Group (USA, Canada, Australia), Global-OK Vision Inc. (Taiwan), Eye Space (Australia).


Brigmaks company produces the highest quality eyeglass cases respecting the most daring wishes of customers. Brigmaks cases are made of two types of materials: leather and eco-leather.