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Scleral Lenses:

Zenlens rigid scleral lenses produced by the famous American Bausch & Lomb Company, are available for the first time in the Republic of Moldova at the “Oculus Prim” Medical Center!

The Zenlens scleral lenses are specially made to correct severe corneal deformations in cases where other optical corrections cannot provide optimal visual acuity.

Instructions and recommendations for scleral lenses:

  • Keratoconus
  • Severe astigmatism
  •  Condition after corneal transplantation and radial incisions
  • Severe dry eye syndrome
  •  Post-traumatic scarring of the cornea
  •  Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Consequences of chemical burns
  • Cicatricial Pemphigoid

Zenlens scleral lenses can be recommended both for the very flat and steep corneas, so practically astigmatism is not limited (up to 20 and more diopters).

Therefore, lenses can be chosen for any cornea configuration, achieving maximum effect and very good eyesight.

Advantages of scleral contact lenses:

  •  The traumatic action of the lens on the surface of the cornea is excluded. For example, at the tip of keratoconus (which does not occur in scleral contact lenses),
  •  Very high oxygen permeability (highest oxygen permeability in the world – 145 Dk/t!), does not cause corneal hypoxia
  •  Original, made in USA (laser-labeled on lens surface)
  •  Maximum eyesight
  • Well supported and comfortable
  •  Terms of use – 1 year.

The principle of action of lenses:

The lens leans on the sclera (lens diameter of 16.0-17.0mm).

Between the outer surface of the cornea and the lens a “tear film lens” is formed.

The tear film lens has a protective effect, as well as an optical function:

- The lens does not touch the surface of the cornea and does not traumatize it (which is important in the dystrophies and post-inflammatory corneal diseases)

-  The tear layer excludes the surface of the deformed cornea from the refraction, which allows us to get a better eyesight.

- The lenses are individually chosen in accordance with the doctor’s algorithm and recommendations.