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Artificial tear.

Tears: why are they important for your health

Have you ever thought that tears show weakness and you tried to control them or hide them by any means? In fact, the little "dew drops" in the eye reflect a real rainbow of emotions, and the reasons can be extremely diverse – a love story, a disappointment, a great joy, a touching movie or even... a chopped onion. It is true, however, that tears help maintain the eyes healthy and are far more important than you think.

Being produced by the tear glands, located under the eyelids, the tears are not only made of salted water, but they have a high protein content, with the role of cleaning, lubricating, protecting and disinfecting the eyeball. They help remove irritants that may affect your eyesight, such as dust, smoke and protect against strong wind, but also sulfur-based compounds, such as those released in the air when you chop onions.

The appearance of tears is also caused by intense emotions: sadness or happiness, compassion or helplessness. These become a non-verbal way of communicating with others and expressing how we feel. Also, with this type of tears, prolactin, leu-encephalin, cortisol or endorphins are released, helping to block pain and reduce emotional stress. For this reason, they have a liberating and soothing effect.

The eyes produce tears all the time, every time we blink, that is between 15 and 30 liters within one year. The quantity can decrease for several reasons, which leads to the development of the "dry eye" syndrome. It is a common problem for the elderly or those who undergo hormonal changes, especially for women during pregnancy and menopause. Long hours spent in front of the screens, fatigue, insufficient blinking, cold weather, dry air and air conditioning can also cause dry eyes.

If your eyes are dry or tired, you feel the presence of a foreign body or if you wear contact lenses, the Queens I-Fresh Yal artificial tear with hyaluronic acid will help. It is indicated as a lubrication solution, and each drop refreshes, providing a sense of immediate and long-lasting comfort.

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