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Please note that physiotherapy has a strong and active impact on the patient, which begins with the mechanisms of "self-regulation", leading ultimately to health improvement.
Physical therapy - it is one of the treatments that use non-chemical factors (drugs), but physical one: currents, magnetic fields, laser, ultrasound, etc.
Physical treatments are used for almost all diseases of internal organs, and its contraindications are relative. They are based on the principles of personalization, dynamic applications, complex courses of treatment.
The main methods of physiotherapy are: electricity, light, water, thermotherapy, fonoterapia and ionotherapy.

The benefits of physiotherapy:
• reduces the duration of treatment in many diseases;
• prevents complications and relapses of the disease;
• drug side effects;
• improves the effect of drugs;
• a significant reduction in prescribed doses of medication or a complete rejection of them.

Electrophoresis - a method of controlled drug delivery through the skin by use of a weak constant magnetic field. When duly qualified personnel perform the procedure, no negative sensations occur, because the magnetic field is weaker than the one of a mobile phone, and produces no "heating" of fabrics.
Electrophoresis - is the most feasible and safe method of treatment. Electrophoresis shows the best performance when used in combination with other methods.

Contraindications for electrophoresis:
• cancer
• skin diseases
• mental illness
• pacemakers
• some heart diseases

A qualified specialist establishes the contraindications in every case.

Galvanotherapy – the use of direct electrical current for medical purposes. It uses a small force (50 mA) and low (30-80 V). This method was named in honor of Italian physician L. Galvani.
Galvanic current has a normalizing effect on the functional status of the human central nervous system, improves heart function, stimulates the endocrine glands. It also leads to an acceleration of regenerative processes. Improves human body's protective power.

Magnetic therapy - one of the oldest methods of treatment. Magnets are used for medicinal purposes since ancient times till present.
Magnetic therapy is primarily a natural therapy, and has no connection with any complex procedure. This is the easiest, cheapest, most painless and the safest method of treatment known by everyone. The magnetic field penetrates painlessly the skin, tissues and bones. Magnetic therapy is extremely easy to use and is much safer than many other treatments. It is shown that electromagnets and permanent magnets are pain relievers and highly effective in restoring energy, in strengthening the immune system, in contributing to treatments in many diseases. Currently, magnetic therapy has been used successfully to treat and prevent different diseases.

Ultrasound therapy – it is a method that includes different mechanical therapeutic factors (massage, vibration). Ultrasounds are elastic mechanical oscillations of a dense medium at a frequency of over 20 kHz. Ultrasound waves are longitudinal, compressional waves.

• threads of gold
• coronary heart disease, hypertension
• benign pathologies of the face
• blood disorders, a tendency to bleed
• an acute infectious process, fever, acute inflammation
• pregnancy
• tuberculosis, gastric and 12-N ulcer, treated intestines
• thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, varicose
• malignant, benign tumors, that are prone to growth
• cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, angina, high blood pressure (greater than second stage), AF
• stage 2 and 3 in thyrotoxicosis, severe endocrynopathies
• diencephalic pathology with crisis states
• severe form of diabetes
• condition after laminectomy
• skin lesions, skin infections, inflammation, nevus
• swelling of tissue at all levels and post-surgery

Many of the ultrasound effects have been widely used in medical practice.

Phonophoresis - introduction of drugs into tissues.
Using phonophoresis together with ultrasound treatment, increase the treatment effect.

Microwave therapy is most often indicated for severe headaches, dizziness, heart pain and vascular autonomous disorders:

UHF - therapy - a method of electrotherapy, based on the action on the patient's body of the electric field with a wavelength of 1.10 m.
This method is used in various acute and chronic inflammations of internal organs (bronchitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pneumonia), of musculoskeletal system, ear, nose and throat (tonsillitis, otitis), of peripheral nervous system (neuritis), of female genitalia, and in degenerative processes. This treatment is recommended also in acute fester (boils, abscesses, cellulitis).